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          CSCP~Certified Supply Chain Professional
           CSCP APICSCertified Supply Chain Professional
          The APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) is the onlycertification program to address the entire, end-to-end supply chain. That’swhy thousands of employers worldwide look for the APICS CSCP designation whenmaking hiring decisions.
          About the CSCPprogram:
          The APICS CertifiedSupply Chain Professional (CSCP) program is the first and only supply chaincertification that encompasses the end-to-end global supply chain. Fromsuppliers to the end customer, CSCP covers globalization, logistics, ITenablement, and both supplier and customer relations.
          From manufacturers toservice providers, regardless of whether a firm’s clients are businesses orconsumers, for-profit or not, supply chain management (SCM) impacts allorganizations.  Customers already demandhigh quality and low prices. In today’s global markets, user convenience,delivery speed, and promise date reliability are becoming increasinglyimportant from a value perspective.  As aresult, flawless deployment has become essential to competing successfully in aglobal marketplace.
          CSCP takes a broadview of SCM, extending beyond internal operations to encompass all the linksthroughout a value chain network—from supplier to end consumer—and how toeffectively integrate, manage, and innovate these processes to optimize supplychain performance.  A full suite of Webtools with an online glossary, flashcards, and pre- & post-tests isincluded with each Participant Learning System.
          WhoShould Attend?
          The APICS CSCP designation provides individuals with common standardsfor understanding vocabulary resources and frameworks to address supply chainchallenges and opportunities within their organizations. This designation isdesigned for
          Supplychain professionals seeking to enhance knowledge and expertise
          Consultantswho wish to demonstrate expertise in supply chain management
          Professionalswho work with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems
          The APICS CSCP designation will help demonstrate mastery of the necessarytools to effectively manage global supply chain activities including suppliers,plans distributors and customers. It will also help maximize the ROI of ERPinvestments by millions of dollars.

          Daniel Hui

          Curriculum: Classes are highly interactive with a rich variety of study tools, peerdiscussions, team exercises, DVDs, web clips and case studies.  Over 9 hours are devoted to each of the 3modules within the CSCP program:
          Module 1
          SupplyChain Design
          Section A: Develop the Supply Chain Strategy
          Section B: Design the Supply Chain
          Module 2
          SupplyChain Planning and Execution
          Section A: Procure and Deliver Goods andServices
          Section B: Manage the Relationship with SupplyChain Partners
          Section C: Manage Reverse Logistics
          Module 3
          SupplyChain Improvement and Best Practices
          Section A: Comply with Standards, Regulations,and Sustainable Best Practices
          Section B: Manage Risk in the Supply Chain
          Section C: Measure, Analyze, and Improve theSupply Chain
          Training cost: CNY24,500  - Include: Trainingfee 9,950RMB, Learning system6,500 RMB , Examination fees 6,600RMB, APICS e -membership fees 1,450RMB/Year, Total fee 24,500RMB
          Language: English
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